Evan Knight, Product Designer - Chicago, IL

I was a product designer at GrubHub in the Chicago HQ. I led design for the GrubHub Driver’s app. I also worked on the global Sass repo (Sassquatch) for all company related CSS, and crafted new designs for the main GrubHub/Seamless web app.

While working on grubhub.com, I helped implement unique split-tests for different conversion metrics. I then helped with the redesign of the GrubHub/Seamless beta website.

GrubHub Driver’s App

After working on the GrubHub/Seamless web app, I switched to the Driver team to lead design for the new iOS and Android driver apps. Below are screenshots of a prototype I created. Since there are so many moving pieces in the delivery process, this was a challenging task:

  • Drivers shouldn’t have to touch their phone while driving
  • Every second counts, they need to be guided constantly, as well as know when they need to wait
  • Not all restaurants are created equal, it can be difficult for new drivers to get accustomed to certain pick up procedures
  • Often they are in a rush, and don’t have time to hit buttons
  • Sometimes orders and diners are located right next to each, and can be batched
Accepting Orders

Side-By-Side Navigation and Task List

Making the Delivery Easier

Driver’s App Outcome

Working on the Driver’s app was a rewarding experience. I began the process by riding with drivers while they used the app for deliveries, which was helpful to see the product in action. It was my task to take all of the research data and redesign a simple and easy to use app for the drivers that 1.) answered all questions a new or experienced driver may have, 2.) was easily accessible under the worst conditions, 3.) didn’t require input while driving.

Order Status

Since the Driver’s app had realtime information, we could then relay the details to the diner. Here is an iterative design flow of the order status, viewed in mobile web.