Evan Knight, Design Intern (San Francisco, CA)

Samsung UXCA is a R&D lab in San Francisco. My lab was made up of all designers working on future mobile interfaces. I learned a great deal about scalable design, was exposed to some awesome new tools, and developed a better understanding of how to design systems that will be used by millions. Over the summer I worked on mobile interaction and visual design.

Unfortunately my work for Samsung is confidential, but here is a sample based on a project I worked on.

This lock screen is an example I created for dynamic content coming from a new message. Instead of a new message containing only text, the idea is that a user could import data from popular sources (e.g. Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, Google Maps, etc.).

Lock Screen - Dynamic Content

The Problem

In regular text messages, it is difficult to include data from different sources. The message either has to be manually typed out, or copy and pasted. For the recipient, it’s equally as difficult to interact with unique content in text messages, particularly when there are many different links.

A Solution

In the example, Katie sent a message containing restaurants she liked on Yelp. You can then see these restaurants in a collapsed and expanded preview, all without having to leave your locked screen. The preview shows imported data, such as: reviews, a menu preview, and pictures.

Since Katie asked a question with the dynamic content, there are quick-reply buttons associated with each restaurant. The user would also have the ability to reply directly from the lock screen if their privacy settings allowed the functionality.