Evan Knight, Founder & Designer

sndchk was Rotten Tomatoes for concerts. There are thousands of concerts every weekend, and thousands of reviews floating on the internet. Until sndchk, the two hadn’t been unified.

Visual display of data and information was one of the most important aspects of the project.

My roles included overall product design, along with front-end, and some rails development.

Mobile - Viewing an Artist

The thought with sndchk is a user could quickly see how artists actually perform in concert. We color coded the scores so users could quickly differentiate between highs and lows.

Reviewing a Show

We began with importing reviews around the web that had previously been written about concerts, which showed us the need for an aggregated source. Since one of the main conversion points was trying to get users to participate in writing their own reviews, we tried to make it as easy as possible by giving a 1-10 scale and a general field for comments.

Web - Landing

Artist Page

Viewing a Show